The other day I was in the Tabernacle just lingering there.
After a time, I left.
I left with no prophetic word, no great revelation from the Scriptures or experiences with my Father.
I left only knowing as I had other times before,
that I had simply been with the Lord, just sharing time & space with Him for Him.
I had simply gone to BE with Him.

In our Western world, life is so much about productivity.
Here in the USA, a key word it seems is ‘DUTY’.

But what of just being with Jesus for HIM?

What if being with Him was actually about Him!

Being with Him
not for what He gives
or for what He has promised over our lives,
or because it is our ‘duty’.

But because He is heart too!

He longs as we all do,
to be sought after because of who He is
not what He does
or will give.

This is the ‘one thing’ David sought for most –
“to dwell in the house of the Lord delighting in Him” (Psalm 27:4)
David, the man God said was ‘after His own heart’.

When Jesus came, the first thing He DID was BE.
Be a baby.

There is an ache today in the heart of the Father
for His children
His people
His bride
to simply BE with Him
doing nothing,
no intercession,
no ‘pushing into his heart for others’,
but simply hanging out with Him,
enjoying Him.

This is relationship.