Reflections from an apostolic journal…


So here again is transition. The pathway of the new.

Not fully belonging in my here
yet coexisting with another life slowly fading from a reality that once was so very tangible.
Writing addresses in pencil
as so many smile & others question this strange existence.
Belonging no longer to one nation,
but to many.
Living a fleetingness like the grass of the fields – here one day, gone the next.
Making friends with many
yet connected most intimately with only One.
Living times wondering how to get the next meal,
yet experiencing in an opposite moment the limitlessness of heaven’s love.
Breathing in a valiant heart that would lift my feet another step on an unknown journey
with an unknown destination,
other moments propelled by a flow that has nothing to do with the mechanics of this natural world.

The ebb & flow of an apostolic journey resting entirely upon Him, His unwavering goodness & faithfulness,
adoring nothing more than His presence.
Living by His every breath,
utterly dependant upon this Rock, this Ancient of Days who never sleeps nor slumbers,
who knows no lack
& aches to show in the stories of those He loves, how outrageously amazing He is.
The complete Father.
The smitten Bridegroom.

Cherishing the preciousness of our God.

Tonight He is the one constant in a reality of continous change.
For what once belonged to me,
what once defined my external world,
no longer remains.

For the journey continues..

Wanting for nothing else but Him, exclusively Him.

This is my story – this is His story.