Ready Set Go – 10 year Window

We have entered a new window of time that I sense will encompass the next 7-10 years. However within this time, I see 2 year rhythms and segments. God is building something new and I hear Him saying, “Ready! Set! Go!”

Funny isn’t it how the word new has become common? But at the same time, wow!  

The new is an interesting creature! Unpredictable, often unrecognizable, tiring and awkward! Oh no, did I say awkward?


We have had the Great Resignation as Sociologists call it. They are now calling this next stage we have entered into, the Great Awkward! 

The Great Awkward is impacting every area of our lives – family life, business, our faith, community, values, life purpose and direction, and most especially the little things like do we hand shake or not? Do we stay working from home or not? Is “Church in Pyjamas” over or not?

It’s awkward.

And then there are the more intense issues like what is God doing with healing in the face of such global sickness? What and how do we show up in a world were values are being pushed that are not always what we value? How do we connect in the face of such blatant disconnect?


God loves awkward! Because He loves real, loves creating, loves connecting. And all 3 of those are awkward, messy, unpredictable.

So the other evening as I sat listening to the heart of God, this was a little of what He shared.

I saw a wave gently, unassumingly begin in the west and roll across into the east. As I watched this wave I heard the words, “The Kingdom of God is here now.” Drenching joy refreshed me and has been bubbling ever since.

No doubt we are in a new window of time.  The Kingdom of God is here and that phrase is and will be a discovery into whole new realms of who He is and how His culture and values want to show up in this “new normal.”

Whatever unfolds, it begins in His presence and continues with His presence. God is building his “new normal”  that will require of us being ok with awkward, with 2 year rhythms, tender open hearts to His ideas and nudges.

Ready. Set. Go!


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