Proverbs Ch4

I am reading through Proverbs, a chapter a night and verse 23 from Chapter 4 really stood out to me .

21 Don’t lose sight of my words. Let them
penetrate deep within your heart, 22 for they bring life and radiant
health to anyone who discovers their meaning. 23 Above all
else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.

As I reflect back, especially on my time in Hawaii. I know that this is what God was on about and has been on about relentlesly ever
since. The battle for mens Hearts, the battle for my heart. I have just read the little book EPIC by John Elderige, it is really good. It
is on about the same thing, this life we are living is a big Epic and we are players on God’s stage. the enemy wants to reduce and reduce
us, to get us staring at our belly buttons. Oh wo is me! My lot is so hard. When actually we are suposed to be glorious refections of God’s
very image, LEADING our families and our wives toward God. The enemy wants our hearts he wants to reduce and reduce and
reduce us. To fill us with crap and to steal our time. Well he cannot have my heart I ain’t drinking his cool aide. I will not believe the
crap he reletlessly throws at me, I will lead my family spiritually and towards God by loving Him with everything that I have got and
surendering everything, everything, everything to Him.

By believing that God IS GOOD! and that His plans for me are way better for me and every single one in my family than anything I can come up with. By believing that I can
trust Him.

So how can a young man keep his way pure? PROV 119:9 By living according to your word.

God wants to lift us up, for us to be and think bigger than just ourselves to get our eyes up and on HIM.

I will engage in the battle for my heart, like Nehemiah I will realise that there is a time to pick up my sword. I am willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers in this Faith.

Thanks Solomon I agree my heart is under constant attack, and I believe if this is a battle I lose or don’t engage in then ‘everything I do’ will be affected.

Lord I ask
you to help and guide each one of us give us the courage and the
wisdom to know the right steps. I love you, Thank you so much for your
son Jesus and the Holy Spirit you are a very great and cool God and
you DO know what you are doing and you are engaged and very involved.
Thank you, Thank you, I praise you.