Prophetic Word for September

Turning. Turning. Turning.

PROPHETIC IMPRESSION for SEPTEMBER we submit for your discernment and encouragement.
We are in a key time right now for the context of what God is doing in this year. I see all of September will be strategic.
There is a new in process, you will begin to see this very tangibly as the month unfolds.

I keep hearing from the Lord the words β€œTurning. Turning. Turning.” What struck me as I keep listening is actually that! Keep listening to Him because we need to each turning, turning, turning. God is zooming in on our hearing. Be attentive to that physical sense.

There is a continuous movement and that is the key. The momentum is unstoppable and carries with it, back water that will see some big movements rather fast. Big movements the first full week of September and the third full week of September.

This is a dance rather than a straight race track. This requires partnership and relationship with Him. Each turning is not the destination but significant in creativity and gathering for you. Keep open. It is not the time for conclusion but an unfolding reveal.

I also see His hand coming down. New power coming down in the turning, turning, turning. Again that power will be encountered through new expressions of Himself. For ultimately this September will usher in new wonders and awe of who He is. He is revealing and highlighting a new dimension of His person that will bring much much joy!

πŸ‘‰ Develop a deeper, quicker recognition when God speaks and the process of working that out as you pioneer His words over your life

πŸ‘‰ Identify the landscape and process of pioneering and where you are on your unique journey in this

πŸ‘‰ Learn and develop skill with practical tools to breakthrough

πŸ‘‰ Identify and differentiate the challenges and tests you face as you move through the process of pioneering your prophetic words

6 Days | 6 Devotions | 6 Personal Worksheets

“Absolutely loved it! Couldn’t wait to do each day’s devotional and then personally reflect and integrate it. So empowering to know what God IS doing on my life!”

– Al, Church Leader, Australia