Prophetic Word for 2023


Turning to the Returning

The shift is on!

There is a swinging back taking place in time again.

There will be a returning

A returning to me

To truth

To holiness

To love 

To first love

I am about to sweep across the nation of Australia with my presence unlike anything ever before.

Prophecy will come to pass. Joy will come to pass

The heavenly realms are opening for a moment of me long yearned for and foretold of to come. This will be a day of joy.

No sphere of influence or society left untouched by Me

For this nation’s time has come. I have set it in the foundations.

Many from the nations will flood in to support all I will do.

Migration of miracles, wonders. The first ripples have been felt.

Watch the coasts and rivers regions as I have set a target on them for my presence to visit upon those who linger there. My heart is moved FOR them. Across beach faces I will move. In the river planes and on the water banks, my presence will fall. 

There will be a turning to the returning, as I redefine to the people the sweetness of my presence. 

These days of the coast and the rivers will be long spoken of, long remembered. For My goodness will utterly confound them. 

Turning to the returning. 

“This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength.”

Isaiah 30:15 NLT



This is a 6 month journey of adventure, activation and authentic community. It is more than just information, it is an experience that will sharpen your mind, heart and spirit affecting the trajectory of your life and those you lead. We believe in your prophetic destiny! We believe these 6 months will put you on the cutting edge spiritually and equip you powerfully in transformational supernatural leadership.


-Invitation to join 2 x 60 minute LIVE Sessions per month (Zoom). If you can’t make a live call, no worries, each session is recorded so you can watch the replay. You can also email any questions you have before each session.

-Practical challenges are where the fun and growth also take place. These Practical Challenges will take you 1-2 hours PER MONTH to complete.

-Downloadable Resources and Full Lifetime Access

-Private Facebook Group to ask questions and get to know other members means you’re not alone. Helen is active on the Facebook page during the week to ask and answer questions, make comments, and see how everyone is going with the material. She will provide additional Facebook LIVES in this group as well, bringing the benefit of group coaching. She looks forward to meeting you in person when possible at other conferences and trainings where she is speaking.

-Access on Mobile and PC -Access to Mentoring

-1 x 50% off a Spiritual Consultation (Personalized Spiritual Consultation takes anything this membership sparks in you, to a level further) -Blogs and other resources emailed direct to you.

-Prayer and Connect times

-Certificate of Completion


1. Enjoy mastering deeper awareness and consciousness of God’s Presence. Developing a culture of leading centered on the Presence of God (Rom 8:14)

2. Develop maturity in Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Relational Skills. Any move of God sits on our relationships with one another. The level of our spiritual, emotional and relational health directly impacts this. Learning how to build connection and authenticity in relationships.

3. Effective Supernatural leadership requires cultivating self-awareness, knowing you identity in God, developing a leaders mindset, valuing self care for the long haul, harnessing the power of boundaries and accountability, and maturing your prophetic discernment for reading the times and seasons

4. Unlock the Cultural Architect as you live and lead. Identify your values, culture and part in the 5 fold Ministry

5. Growing your Spiritual Authority in spiritual gifts of discernment, prophetic wisdom, seeing in the Spirit.

6. Develop the skills and lifestyle of breakthrough and advance

7. Make the supernatural, natural!