Prayer Space

Here I am in London, where it is clear that the multi-cultural factor is very advanced, there is such a dynamic mix of people here and many people we have met are actually second generational. ie they were born here in London. Phil who we are staying with is Chinese by ethnicity yet he was born and bought up in Liverpool, his wife was born in Vietnam yet grew up here. The nations are here.

I have just glanced at the Melbourne newspaper on-line and I noticed this article about Muslims getting a dedicated prayer space in a University. Helen & I have spend the last seven weeks traveling Germany and the UK, speaking about the importance of ‘Making Space both physical and time’ in our lives. Setting apart a physical space so that we can enhance our connection with God, how we excited we were to hear of the steps being taken to open such a space for God in Munich and here in Melbourne is a battle by some Muslims to also be given such a space.

Space is important, what we do with it is important. When space is given over and dedicated to a specific purpose, especially in the supernatural, it matters and it is important. Lets not as Chrsitians be last in this.