When is a prayer answered

Last night I was listening to a Podcast from Bethel church (17/11/08) when I had the following revelation.
We can tend to think that something that we ask God for is answered only when we see it. But this thought really is leaving us as god and only what we see with our eyes as real. But what I want to propose is that a prayer is answered when God says that ‘He will do it’, or ‘Yes’, or ‘it is done’. Have you heard that still small voice as you have prayed? “Yes I have done that, it will be so.” I believe that is the point that prayer is answered. Not when we see it ourselves. That may be months or weeks after God has answered and acted.
So once we have heard God say ‘Yes’ then we need to switch from ‘persevering in Prayer’ to ‘Standing in Faith’. Because what God says always comes into being, so the prayer is answered at that point, we just then need to stand in Faith until we then see it for ourselves. God is very very GOOD!

There is so much in this for us, another quote from the podcast is this.

Fruitfulness comes out of Rest.
Warfare comes out of Romance.

Resting in God knowing that it is He that does it, (1 Thess 5:24) and understanding the awesome power of our romance with God. There is nothing that you can do that is more devastating to the enemy than letting it all go and Resting in God and holding nothing back in your romance with Him.