Practicing Honor


In a season of accelerated change, tension in normal. In the change we are being given an amazing opportunity to practice honor. Honor says “I will celebrate what you are and not stumble over what you are not.”

There is a tremendous invitation in the atmosphere right now to stumble with offence and off load discomfort and confusion through slander. Slander is a false way of connecting, & some of the most debilitating slander we can do is on ourselves!

The great tragedy of slander is that it stops us from owning our story. As we own our story we get to write it. When we don’t own our story, we hand it over to others to write. This is the misfortune of slander.

Slander is not that way of honor but the outworking of shame. It is in effect saying “I am feeling bad and deep down I believe I am not enough, therefore to make me feel better, I will prove you also are not enough.”

Honor sees the Jesus in another and calls this out. To love his presence is to see His Presence in others. As a people of God, this is a way we can fix our eyes on Jesus. Choose to see Him in others! Love covers. Love covered us while we were still sinners.

If you have a concern about another, get your courage and honor on and go and talk to them, not about them. Slander is below our dignity. Shame is below our dignity. Honor is who we are! Honor is who you are!

Papa God may a new revelation of our worthiness for honor wash over us as we navigate change. Papa God forgive us where we have partnered with slander & shame of ourselves & then of others. We repent of participating with something that is below our dignity & we humbly receive the honor you have shown us especially in Jesus. We receive & honor the blood of Jesus that makes us clean & restores the truth of our identity as a precious, worthy of honor & dignity child of God. We forgive those who have slandered us & we declare over them blessings & honor in extravagance today. Thank you your receive & value our pain & disappointment as we hand it to you now. Thank you for your love & great compassion that will heal our hearts. Thank you for empowering us to own our stories & love ourselves and others as we do that in these times of change. We love you Jesus.

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