Our Spirit knows what is true

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Awoke with a song going round and round in my consciousness. 

The lyrics were “O God, the battle belongs to you”. It is a quote from a story in 2 Chronicles 20:15. 

Ever had that happen? Woke singing a song? Your spirit that has been worshipping while your body and soul were at rest. 

Our spirit Psalms 42:7 says is the deepest part of our being and it connects with God who is Spirit (John 4:23-24). 

Our spirit knows what is true. Our spirit gives life to our soul and body. Our spirit connects with the spirit of God. 

Our highest intelligence comes from the spirit. Faith is spiritual intelligence in action. Too often we use our mind to edit, judge and dictate our spirit. This is a different intelligience. God values our mind but it needs to be renewed. (Rom 12:1-2).

So next time you wake up singing, take note. Your spirit has been worshipping. Worship took down Jericho’s walls so thick they build houses in them! 

Today the battle belongs to the Lord. That is great news! Don’t take on what God never gave you. Let your spirit take its rightful place over your soul, and enjoy singing! 

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