Our presence

This morning as we were preparing to leave for the Shabbat service, I paused for a moment looking out the window onto the Rocky mountains.
As I was looking out the window I believe I received the following download.
‘Where you put your presence is important’. Then I thought about how it is said about Gen X’ers vote with their feet. Meaning that if they don’t like something then they won’t show up at it, this has been at times portrayed as a lack of commitment or not honouring. Yet I thought I heard the Lord whisper to me ‘the Generation that I have prepared to host My presence needs to be careful with what they do with their presence’. Wow… I believe that while it has always been important to all generations to keep pure, to watch what they watch and participate in. This is very much more important to the current generations. The Lord is revealing Himself in new ways, He is training people to Host His presence, not just in set apart Tabernacle type spaces but also in the Tabernacles of our bodies.

What we do with our Tabernacle bodies is important! If we invite Jesus in to come and Tabernacle with us, that is to ‘stay’ then very much so everywhere we go everything we see, we are subjecting God to. Sometimes I am a bit shocked when I see people’s visual diet. What they watch on TV or movies, what they are happy to talk about. Now I’m not saying everyone needs to become a strict legalistic monk. But I am saying that if we want to host His presence in the stay permanently sense, then we need to be thinking also about our presence, the one doing the hosting, and where we allow it to go.