Nazirite vow

I had an amazing revelation this morning. Since arriving back from the USA, I have wanted to get my hair cut. I could not at first because we literally had no money. I had to wait till financial support came in. Then when finally it looked like we had some money (some 2 weeks later), I rang my hairdresser & made an appointment. The earliest appointment was in 2 weeks, as she was moving into her new house. One week before my appointment I received an sms from her saying that she had to cancel until further notice as their builder has gone bankrupt & they are living with inlaws now with all their stuff in storage. The Lord had my attention. Isa 28:21 flashed through my mind…”He will come do strange, unusual things.”

Another week passed as I contacted 2 other hairdressers I knew, but neither of them were available. I happened to speak to my sister in law at the end of this week, & she recommended her hairdresser. I rang, got an appointment only to be called back this morning (the day of my haircut), saying that the hairdresser needed to cancel due to her son being sick. So Mark & I went to the Lord again, knowing he was saying something here. Meanwhile in these 3 weeks since trying to get my haircut, the Lord has been downloading at a phenomenal rate exciting new ‘secrets’ from his heart.

As we asked the Lord about hairdressers, we both sensed there was another question to ask. “Am I supposed to get my hair cut?” His reply astounded me. Mark got the word “Nazirite. Only in 1 1/2weeks”. In hungering after more of him, had had entered me into a Nazirite vow. The Nazirite vow being a special vow taken by someone setting themselves apart for the Lord in a special way. It involved no drinking wine or alcohol, hair on the head uncut & no contact with dead people. What struck me about the examples in Biblical history of Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist & the Apostle Paul was that in all these cases the vow preceded some great action. Killing of Israel’s enemy, anointing two of Israel’s most famous Kings, preparing the way for Jesus or new voyages to gentile lands to spread the gospel. Interestingly this last week was Shavout in Israel (Feast of Weeks. In the Gentile tradition, Pentecost) on which in Paul took the Nazirite vow one time.

During this time, God had repeatedly said to both of us “Great Change is upon us.” Indeed! Interestingly, Mark & I sensed this morning that I could get my haircut the week after next. This would mean that I was in this for 30 days, the most common length of time for a Nazirite vow! God is strategically positioning the natural to bring about supernatural understanding & revelation of Him, & from Him.