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Mystics, Christmas & Heaven’s Heartbeat

December 23rd, 2009

It is 2 days before Christmas. I awoke aware of all the things still yet to do, make & get for Christmas.

Yet I was also aware that it is Tuesday, & Tuesday is one of the days I spend in intentional, set apart time in the Tabernacle with my Lord. So I yielded myself, my day, my time, the pressures, needs all to my Father. He called me into His space.

Immediately, He rested upon me. I cannot find other words to express what I experienced, other than I just laid down. Simply laid down & rested. As I rested there, sensing an unusual heaviness over this day, He begun to immerse me in His truth & love.

My tired, weary body begun to experience reviving. My spirit filled with light.

He reminded me again of His call upon me, to simply be with Him. The words of Beni Johnson echoed in my memory. “To me, the mystics are just normal people. They are normal people consumed by the presence of God. Mystics are no different than you & me. They are everyday people who have chosen to lay their lives down to seek after God. They do not limit God. Mystics seek after God with their whole hearts. They go before God & say, “God, you are all that I desire. No matter what it looks like, or what it costs me, I must have more of you.” The heart cry of the mystic is, “Take the world but give me you.” (The Happy Intercessor, p.167)

I became sharply aware of the contrast & ‘clash’ with what was happening all around me. While the shops thicken up with that last minute ‘rush’ & people bounce from one Christmas event to another, He invited me to simply be with Him. The ‘note’ of the world’s hum contrasting so strongly to His song over me.

My son came running into the Tabernacle not long after this, & grabbing my bible which sat next to me, He opened it up, lay down next to me & said, “Mummy, read this.” He had opened to Psalm 62.

“For God ALONE, my soul waits in stillness; from Him comes my salvation.”

Again it struck me. This was what the Father had called me to this day. “FOR GOD ALONE, my soul waits in stillness.”

“For God alone” I reflectively reiterated as if to remind myself.

Not long after my son’s visit, my phone rang with a prayer request from a pastor we have been getting know. Their daughter’s friend, a 10yr boy, Drew, was right now in emergency heart transplant surgery.

Again, the words of Beni Johnson echoed in my memory. “Mystics do not seek after fame, glory or worldly desires, but they have chosen instead to lay their entire lives down so that they can hear the heartbeat of Heaven.”

The greatest action we can do for ourselves & on behalf of others, such as Drew who fights for his life right now, is to seek for God alone, making our soul wait in stillness for His salvation. When we do this, we are able to hear the heartbeat of heaven.

And heaven’s heartbeat is exactly what this season is all about.

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