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Mrs. Graham…

August 27th, 2010

P1120471.JPG  And so the story goes that some years ago now, a lady named to me as Mrs. Graham, stood with her local pastor by the fence looking out over her pasture land in Melbourne Australia. Sharing with her Pastor, she sensed God was asking her to give to Him this portion of her land. Together that day, they prayed & offered the land to God. As they did this, they consecrated it – devoted it & set it apart for nothing else than God.

Little did Mrs Graham know that from this moment would come thousands who would join in what is one of the most significant revivals in world history.

It is the way in the Kingdom of God that His activity & His substance marks geographical locations. Anything that is consecrated to God He marks with His presence.

Within years this piece of land would be given freely for the establishment of what is now the world’s second largest mission agency, Wycliffe Bible Translators. This consecrated land has been & continues to be the launching place for thousands of people who also have consecrated their lives to God.

It was on this land that I grew up a missionary kid & now again I find myself dwelling on as one continuously learning to host the presence of God who marked me with Himself.

Today I find myself on a journey of consecration in a way.

In whatever homes & nations God has given us to live over the last 8 years while pioneering the ministry of the Tabernacle, we have always given to Him a portion, a space for Him. At times it has been 2 rooms, or part of a room, & other times it has simply been a chair. Whatever space we had, we offered it all to Him & let Him chose what area He wanted. And in this space, we learnt to minister to Him, to be with Him, to host His presence, & let heaven’s atmosphere occupy earth.

Today, I have a home, but I am not permitted to live in it, for it seems at this time He wants it all! My home is in Colorado, USA. When we moved in, we prayed a similar prayer to Mrs. Graham. We consecrated it, and in doing so we gave up authority of it.

In mid July, the Lord asked us to leave & return to our homeland in Australia. He asked us to put the house on the market. God marked this place with His presence. And it continues. For you see, we don’t serve an institution or building, we serve God, & there is a profound difference!

John, the closest friend of Jesus, stated “He has made us kings & priests to God” (Rev 1:6) Who are we Kings & Priests to? God!

It’s very simple really. God just wants to be first with no second!

Today we dwell again on this set apart land, awaiting our next launch. This time to what I believe is the city in Australia with a Priestly anointing, Sydney. What great praise & worship to God comes forth from there, like no other place in this nation. Hillsong & Dayspring Church illustrate that!

Encountering His presence changes us. To be consecrated to God produces in us a God consciousness that is greater than anything else.  This is when God & His Kingdom, invades earth. And this is really what it’s all about!

Our Father, Let Your Kingdom come! (Matt 6:9-10)

What would you be prepared to consecrate to God for Him to come, for heaven to invade earth?

Mrs. Graham knew & followed through. Today, from every tribe, language, people & nation, God is making them “a Kingdom & Priests to our God & they shall reign on the earth.” (Rev 5:9-10)

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