Moving seasons

One of the challenging parts of moving seasons is going from everything to a vacuum.

This is especially so when moving to another country. Starting with nothing & not knowing how ‘systems’ work – how a people think, operate, do friendships, life. It is no small thing especially when the language is different. It is a humbling experience & a revealing one too.

But you don’t have to move overseas as we just have, to know this ‘vacuum’. It comes in many contexts; death of someone dear, loss of a job, loss of income, moving in God be it individually or corporately, end of a season – even if it’s the football season! Many are the vacuums life brings.

There is an art of going from everything to nothing.

In a ‘vacuum’ our flesh will drive us powerfully to ‘fill it’. There is something that can be very unnerving, unraveling about space, emptiness, vacuums.

How we handle it, will manifest something.

Faith or unbelief? Faith in self or faith in God?      

What do we do with the ‘vacuum?’ Who do we turn to when we find ourselves in it?

I know no other way but Him. Holding His hand, seeking His face.

The battle will always be to get established in God first. Always.

As we prepared to leave Australia for our move to Denver USA, many people asked us “What will you do when you arrive?” This for us was a no brainer. Establish ourselves in God first!

We arrived nearly a week ago in Denver. The home we are staying in temporarily has a Tabernacle space, it is affectionately called “Father’s Room”. It is here we now wait on him to receive His directions for the ways He wants to fill our vacuum.

The only way to move well is being established in Him!

Are you establish in Him? You will know how much, when you move into a vacumm!