More on Names

I was just in our Tabernacle hanging out and I was reflecting on the Name Israel. Ok so lets be honest I was dancing around and singing.

When I noticed or maybe that I had it highlighted to me that it ends in EL. In Hebrew El is a name for God, ie Elohim so I wondered what the name meant?

God (Heb. Elohim): often regarded the plural of majesty for God in the OT, the name signifies speaks of His role as the transcendent Creator of all that exists (Gen. 1:2).

So I sent off an SMS to two Jewish friends of mine. The first responce shocked me when I think of the current status or struggle between Israel the Nation and God.

SMS1: Israel > Someone who rebels with/against God.

Then a couple of days later this responce came in from my Jewish friend in Florida

SMS2: Israel > He will rule as God.

After the first SMS I remembered that Jacob had been given the new name of Israel after spending the night wrestling and then having his hip put out of joint. Genesis 32:22-32 Wrestling with God and then walking with a limp for the rest of your existence because of it. Yeah that does sound like the Nation of Israel as well.