Money = Security

Money is an interesting topic in church circles there are many different views on how it should be handled, chased, pursued, prayed for or even avoided. Some see money or having money as a sign of blessing while others see it as a sign/thing of evil. Or the good ‘ol prayer of ‘God give me lots of money so that I can pass some on to do stuff for you’.

I have often heard it said that ‘everyone needs money to survive’ this is I believe a very accurate picture of the current view or perception, that no one can survive without money, but one that God has severely challenged me with recently. My superannuation policy has different options to choose where your money is invested, in shares, fixed interest, property, etc. I was praying about what was the right option that I should choose when God surprised me. I felt He indicated an option, then I asked so that will do best will it? ie increase the most? This is what I believe God said to me “The time of man sitting on his riches and gloating and feeling confident and secure are gone Mark, they are gone. I am the I am and it is I that will change things the false securities will fall, they will fall like the walls of Jericho, tumbling down at the sound of My trumpet blast. Mark more important than having your money in the right place is having your securities in the right place I am your security so therefore it doesn’t matter where your money is.” 14-8-08.

This took me by surprise and an underlying belief system was exposed. I was believing that the right investments and securing my financial security was the way to actual security. Of course this is a massive lie, none of this is secure, they are man’s systems the financial markets and even the value of any national currency are all very insecure. I believe God does care about my finances and does want me and my family catered for, but He does NOT want my security to be in assets or bank balances, (Matt 6:24) my securities need to lie firmly in the fact that God loves me and has promised to provide for me and to care for me, (Matt CH6) this belief must be bigger than just through finances they are nowhere near creative enough alone to be from God, with him there is always more. Even if world financial markets fall and my retirement bank balance goes to zero. God’s promises to me will not change, my securities if they were in financial figures will be totally shattered but my faith should not be. Because God’s promises to me are not affected by mans systems.

Thank you God for this wake up call, I confess I had allowed securities to rest in bank balances, yet I know so much better, you have clearly shown me that You are in fact ALL that I need for security as You have promised to take care of me and to provide for me. Lord I declare that this is enough and that you are enough. Please forgive me for this false idol and help me to acknowledge you as our ever present helper. I can personally testify of your goodness through our experience with the King of Jordan, with living rent free in Munich and many other experiences, like surviving two weeks in the USA this year with just $20 cash. You are good and you do provide and you are so much more creative and complete than money. Thank you that we can all have you as our security.