May 23

Ok so now I am getting excited, I had just put up the previous Blog when this came into my Email.

Blow the Trumpet!
A Call for Repentance and Prayer
Joel 2
Global Day of Prayer, 23 May 2010

32 Days to go

195 Countries

Dear Friends

Sunday 23 May 2010 is a very unique day in the Christian calendars, when the Eastern Orthodox tradition of “Kneeling Day” and the Western tradition of “Pentecost Sunday” converge on the same day. Thus the 10 year celebration of the Global Day of Prayer is very significant in that hundreds of millions of Christians from all over the world will kneel simultaneously in a day of repentance and united prayer before God, expecting the glory of the God to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Hab.2:14)

Christians everywhere in the world will assemble to pray. Many will gather in small groups in homes, many will assemble in large stadiums and other public venues. In some places, television, radio and internet will help to connect and align our prayers even more.

Global Day of Prayer