Los Angeles

Hi Ya’ll

We have had a wonderful start to our time in the USA! Our first stop was in Los Angeles. Our main goal was to recover from jet-lag and recoup before flying another 6hours over to Washington DC and then driving 4hours to where we are now in Warm Springs in the mountains of Virginia. (By the way the springs might be warm but it has been snowing lightly here today and when the sun goes behind a cloud, wow it’s cold! A big change from the high 30’s we left in Melbourne.) Yeah I did say OUR main goal in LA was just to get over jetlag? Well seems the Lord had something else up His sleeve…

Our time in LA was just fantastic! A friend of a friend offered to host us on our way through. Jim & Laurel turned out to be wonderful, gentle, generous couple, very grandparent like. They got down on the floor and played CARS with Joel-Mark and he loved it. Jim is a 30yr Chemistry professor at BIOLA (Christian) university, so we were given a tour of the Uni including it’s Tabernacle/Chapel. On the last day I discovered that Jim was also an Elder in his congregation and after a few discussions pursuing the heart of Tabernacle, he announced that he was going to take a proposal to the church to set aside such a room in their church building. Wow! What a great heart match and so God to strategically place us with people of influence for such a time as this.

While we were there we also met with Bethany who works with Disney. She very sacrificially & generously gave us 2x $91 tickets to Disneyland. Once again God showing Helen & I His lavish provision and love for Joel-Mark. There was a new parade of Pixar characters just 4 days old and it included a full size Lightning McQueen and Mater, so a certain Joel-Mark was in absolute raptures about seeing them, and yep tears at the end when it was over.

God is very very Good!