Leaders Think Differently

People are not commonly told they are leaders. I wasn’t. We are not taught how to be leaders and to think like leaders. Some leaders are born thinking like it, most are not.

Yet here we are! We are a light on the hill, salt to the earth, we carry not only a different kingdom and meaning to life but we are carriers of the presence of God. We were made in the image of God to reign over all He made, given authority to make disciples of NATIONS, power to preach GOOD NEWS, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons.

I believe WE ARE IN A TIME OF UNLOCKING. GOD IS UNLOCKING much but specifically the LEADER in His people!

He is unlocking faith, gifts, ability to carry more weight of His glory, unlocking our identity.


We are most definitely in new terrain now in the Western world, one that is no longer exclusively scientifically orientated. Some suggest we are now in the AGE OF ‘SPIRIT TECH’. 

Spirit Tech is where the SPIRITUAL CONVERGES WITH TECHNOLOGICAL. We see this already as not only key themes in gaming, movies etc but they are literally trying to figure out how technology can detect and engage with spiritual dimension.

We have generations who are spiritually active, supernaturally bent. They carry varying degrees of “discipleship” in the occult and divination thanks to its influence in mainstream arts and entertainment. They have a lens of some form of spirituality.

The supernatural has become natural.

We’re called to transform the world in a way that when the world sees our good works they will glorify our Father in heaven. We have a mandate, on earth as it is in heaven and disciple nations. Yes nations! That requires us to think big, to think multidimensional, to show up, to arise and shine!


Some years ago Mark and I lived in Europe. I remember on one occasion, we had to fly to the UK for some meetings.

We were walking one day through Trafalgar Square in London, when the Lord said to me, check your purse. I thought, “oh what’s happened? Have I been pick pocketed?”

I reached into my bag and found to my relief my purse. I opened it and there was one coin in there. He said look at it.  I pulled it out.  It was a 2 pound coin. As I flipped it in my hand, I happened to notice something on its edges. Turning it to its side I read,Standing on the shoulders of giants.”

I was stopped in my tracks as my eyes soaked in these words. My heart began to race. My mind was a wash with images, thoughts, memories of people I knew who’d been giants in the faith both in my world, in the Bible and historically.  I looked up and there around me were the statues of a British Empire, giants of an era that had NO rival 100 years ago.  

In that moment, God was calling up the leader, the pioneer in me. He was asking me to think big and live big.


Leaders think differently. They teach themselves to think big, to think impossibilities and to stay in, even when it fails. They do the hard things. This is the mindset of a leader.

I invite you to a moment of destiny. As this year gets further in, have a conversation with God about you being a leader.

For some of you this will be a new conversation. Others of you, you don’t want to have this conversation for a variety of reasons. Have it anyway. This isn’t going to be a normal year. Normal has gone. Join the new time in a new way. Enjoy the conversation with God.

Your standing on the shoulders of giants.