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When fear and shame come together we have the perfect emotional storm. These emotions can be very difficult to navigate in times of transition, leadership challenges, major illness or significant life change. Consider some new angles to not only keep advancing forward, but to understand the profound cultural shift that has taken place in society.  This is essential training if you are in leadership of any nature.



Bite size short videos 

1 hour of video content

Practical Challenges to build your skills in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Shame Resilience



After the Prophet Samuel anointed and proclaimed Saul as King over Israel, it records that “Samuel then explained to the people the behaviour of royalty and wrote it in book and laid it up before the Lord.” (1 Samuel 10:25)

I believe that partnering with Jesus to see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, is to become more aware of our royal identity and His! Understanding how shame and honor work on our identity and the culture each creates is not only essential, but empowering for change. The Kingdom of Heaven will be marked by honor in our lives and through our lives.

Leading Researcher on Shame, Dr Brene Brown says, “We can’t pretend this isn’t getting in the way. I don’t think we can say this is not happening in homes, in the nations we are living in right now. Shame has become part of the landscape and has become worse.”

We are not going to build strong healthy counter culture faith communities without building resilience in shame and honor. Communities as with individuals, self destruct under the weight of our complex, demanding world without developing their resilience in the area of shame and who they are as people with value. It is essential for your personal and professional development.

Each section has engaging short videos interspersed with self evaluation tasks supported by downloadable practical exercises and other resources to help you revise and consolidate the learning. This course is based on a set of learnable skills. It is Biblically based and backed up by a huge body of research.

You will develop and move towards building powerful shame and honor resilience.



“Helen’s teaching around shame was eye opening and showed me how I was constantly living under shame. The course helped me change the way I think about myself and how I live day to day. “Shame is that painful feeling I am not good enough” and this course taught me how to build habits into my life to come against this and other shame statements I have believed.

“We are never not going to experience shame but we can move through it and not be defined by it.” I am no longer defined by shame experiences and I know how to maintain my confidence as a leader.

Highly recommend the Living Courage course.”

– Sandy, Ministry Leader, Australia