Knives in the Atmosphere?

We had just gotten home from camping in Alpine High country. I walked in and saw knives everywhere in the atmosphere of our home. As I took a closer look I saw knives being thrown up into the 2nd heaven and angels catching them and using them.

I looked again and there were knives all over the tops of homes in our street and further beyond.

The Lord said to me, “The knives are the words being spoken by people. Every word spoken empowers one side or the other.”

Our words are worlds and they activate the spiritual realm. We get to choose which spiritual kingdom.

It is the very essence of Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” God spoke and substance came into existence.

Proverbs 12:18 says, “Speak without thinking, and your words can cut like a knife. Be wise, and your words can heal.”

What we speak empowers one side or the other in the spiritual realm. We need to get as clean as we can on inside, because any area that is not conforming to the image of Christ, the enemy goes after.

This is just a snippet of what we looked at in the Discernment and Atmospheres Mastery Class on Thursday.

If you missed it, it is now up and available for replay FREE!

“What an incredible session this is Helen. Thank you so very much. As I was walking with some of my leadership team early this morning discussing what we have learnt, we will now walk with greater purpose as we put into practice what you taught us, we are now better equipped having learn’t such powerful insights from your teaching. “Thank you so very much!”

– Lyn, Pastor, Australia