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Sunday January 2, 2011

January 2nd, 2011

Where do I start?

Right now I am sitting on the couch on the second story of a large modern house in Baulkam Hills Sydney. We have been ‘given’ this house until Wednesday when the owners who haven’t even yet met us return. I am astounded by their generosity, trust and faith.

We went to Dayspring church this morning. As we found our seats I noticed a lady behind us, I was noticing something about her in the Spirit, like the Spirit was highlighting her to me and I also believe us to her. We looked at each other, both I think sort of knowing that the spirit was up to something. Anyway at the end of the service the congregation were asked to pray for each other. This lady came straight over. We prayed for each other and swapped our stories, including telling her that we had packed our bags that morning at the YWAM base as the room we were in was reserved for someone else. She immediately offered us a room in her home for the night but not longer as she had grand kids coming. Then another lady came over to us who Helen had met at an impartation prayer time in C3 Whitehorse Church (Melbourne, 900km south) two weeks ago. There are a lot more little ‘coincidence’ moments and facts that showed us that the Spirit was up to something. So after all of this we left to go and pray about this accommodation offer over lunch, we walked out of the building and upon reaching the curb I then heard the first lady running and calling to us so we stopped, and went back inside. Here we were introduced to yet another family, they immediately invited us to lunch and also invited us to come and stay with them.

We had a wonderful friendly lunch with this family plus another family that they had previously invited. JM our son had a wonderful time playing with 4 kids. Helen & I had the opportunity to tell our story and God began to reveal Himself through some more amazing ‘coincidences’. God also unravelled some more stuff on the Hawkesbury region of Sydney where we feel led to establish this watering hole, this Tabernacle God space where people can seek and encounter God, it was an amazing time.

The second family at this lunch are from this region, born and bred that we believe God has indicated to us. They told us some of the prophetic history of the region, of how 5 men had stood praying on the banks of the river and were slain in the Spirit, when none of them had ever experienced this before or had any idea what had happened to them; how the area was the breadbasket in the establishment of Sydney and how Sydney probably wouldn’t have happened without the food provided from this region. The oldest church in Australia is there at a town called ‘Ebenezer’ -this is a Hebrew word meaning standing memorial stone. There is also a town there called ‘Wilberforce’ named after the famous revivalist. Hmm

Anyway the first couple that invited us for lunch felt as they were driving from the church to ring a friend who is on holidays, these friends said, (my words here), ‘ Yes of course open my house to total strangers who none of us have ever met before or know anything about’.

This is where we are right now.

So here I sit at the end of the day with a beautiful breakthrough for our immediate housing, having just made some great new friends and a great big Faith injection for the permanent HOME God wants to and will release to us in the next days.

To those friends who have been praying with us for this breakthrough, for this entry into Sydney, please never doubt your prayers or their huge power. There was a big thunderstorm here tonight with lots of lightning and heavy rain, the atmosphere reacted.

What a huge day. All of the emotion and uncertainty mixed with the faith and certainty of God’s goodness.

He is good and He is on it.

God have your way.

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