It is Breaking

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Prophetic Encouragement

I awoke and asked the Lord what do you want me to know about today? Immediately I saw a glass wall and I heard the Lord say, “It is breaking.” As soon as I heard those words, I saw the glass wall breaking into splinters. 

I then noticed that the glass wall was sitting integrated into a road. This road was long with gentle but marked curves as it flowed upward into the horizon. On the road was the word, timeline.

When the glass began to break, I saw it splinter in all directions. It began to blow apart but not instantly, it was a very steady but paced disintegration.

For many there has been a long hard haul with slow movement, where it has seemed one thing after another, this is about to change.

It is breaking and the timeline for you, indeed for the earth is about to move forward.

As it breaks, you will be surprised at what you will see. For in this time, God has been developing your sight and insight, particularly in the areas He has given you to steward.

If you have embraced this time, He has been building into you much needed wisdom and discernment on new levels to walk the road ahead.

Hang in there, it is breaking!