From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the temper of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.—  

1 Chronicles 12:32  

What a great heart is God’s!
I have come to treasure so dearly the fact that God wants us to know some things. I have also begun to see a pattern in his ways. He is always using the present to prepare us for the future. He’s been teaching me to look at the present & see seeds of the future. In a way, having some understanding of the —temper of the times.— God wants us to know things! Isn’t that a comfort? Isn’t that a wonderful freedom?

Yet I have come to see a consistency in this way of his. His pattern it seems is summarised in 3 words: obedience, experience, understanding & in that order! Repeatedly the Lord has said to us, —My heart will mess with your head. I want to free you from what binds your minds. I will teach you to obey Me. I won’t lay it out for you, you must trust me.— You see, often complete understanding has come later, after the obedience & the experience of that obedience. This is how his heart has messed with our head.

Such an occasion was in September last year. We were in Croatia taking a needed break in a little God given miracle, the private villas of a Prince & Princess from Germany. In this place of refreshment, the Lord gave me a picture that until now I had shared only with Mark & one dear friend in Australia. The picture was brief. I saw 3 Tabernacles on the globe of the world. One was in Munich, Germany, the second it seemed, in the geographical area of Israel & the third one, south in Melbourne, Australia. At the time of receiving this picture, I was unsure if it was my imagination or something sent from the Lord, so I shared it with Mark & “put it on the shelf’ for time to bring confirmation.
The Lord had been asking of me to obey him by having faith & confidence that he speaks to me about the times we are in. I had wrestled with unbelief & self doubt. I knew well the attack of the enemy of God on this part of my identity. His whispering often heard in my ears, —Who are you to see such things? Who do you think you are anyway?—   I knew that while God speaks perfectly, I didn’t always hear perfectly. This I knew all too well. So when the Lord gave this picture, I wondered & waited for him to confirm. This action becoming a beautiful discipline for me. One not always easy, but one in which I see time after time, the power of God to confirm his word, his way.

And so I waited. And so he confirmed.

And now 2 weeks after hearing & knowing his voice calling us to move our base from Munich Germany to Melbourne Australia, I have witnessed the power of God confirm not only this action to move base, but also the picture he gave in Croatia last year. The emails   & impressions have encouraged our hearts & built faith as we heard from people whom God has been making ready. Ready & wanting a place, a Tabernacle to experience the presence of God & worship Him in their home town of Melbourne. Dreams shared of what they thought this might look like & be like… And interestingly, these dreams have been dreams deep our hearts for years.

God wants us to know things. He wants us to have some understanding of the times, so like for Israel, we know the best course to take. The BEST! This is our God. He only & always wants the best for us. What is your present? And what are the seeds that God wants you to see for your future journey? Be encouraged, He is trustworthy!