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Why Israel

Since October 2005 whenever I was hanging out with the Lord, He predominately spoke to me about Israel. At first it caught me by surprise, but then as time with Him went on, He took me through His Word growing a hunger to know more of this part of his heart.

I invite you now to share in this part of my journey.

As you read this, I invite you to lay down your heart & mind anew to God who loves you. In him there is no fear.

“The Jewish people have always been a prophecy of the condition of the nations. The spiritual seed of Abraham, those who are grafted into the vine by their faith (the Gentile Christian), and the natural seed of Abraham, the Jew according to the flesh, will join in purpose. When they do, it will open a bridge between the heavenly realm and earthly, leading to the restoration of all things lost by the Fall.”
(Rik Joyner, Taking the Land, Part XXVII. July 31 2006)

God has made declarations about Israel that He has made about no other nation or people group. Israel is chosen by Him for a divine purpose as Isaiah declares, ‘I am the Lord, your Holy One, Israel’s Creator and King. I have made Israel for Myself, and they will someday honour Me before the whole world.’ (Isaiah 43:15, 21)

To understand God’s purposes for our nations, we must understand God’s heart & purpose for Israel. For many centuries the Church has taught that God has rejected the Jews and the Church has replaced them. This ‘replacement theology’ is unbiblical & a contradiction to the unchanging character of God. We the ‘grafted branch’ spoken of in Romans 11, has missed knowing & experiencing this part of God’s heart & nature.

Late 2004 in Tel Aviv, I was confronted with my ignorance & indifference to Israel & the Jewish roots of my faith. Not only did I know little about my Jewish heritage as a believer in Jesus, but I had no esteem for it. I had been separated from an aspect of God’s heart that was of the utmost importance to Him. This part made in the likeness of His image was totally void in my world. My interest in Israel was merely historical.

In the covenant God made with Abraham one of the Fathers of Israel, He declares to curse those who curse Abraham & his decsendants. The root word for ‘curse’ here means ‘to esteem lightly’. I had lightly esteemed my Jewish brothers & sisters. As these weeks turned to months in Israel, I grew an understanding, value & compassion for the people God calls ‘His children’.

With the Lord there always is a external result of what He does within. During this time, I felt a strong conviction from the Spirit to ask forgiveness for my ‘light esteeming’ of the Jewish people. This confession was met with blessing & an animated embracing warm acceptance.

I would suggest that my story is the story for much of the Church over the centuries. History speaks with gruesome detail how the established Church has ‘lightly esteemed’ Israel.

In Romans 11:12 Paul challenges us, ‘Now if the fall of them (Israel) be the riches of the world & the diminishing of them the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fullness?’ There is a fullness yet to come for Israel. We are invited to bless them & see them obtain this fullness.

To dwell in the presence of the Lord, is to know Him more & that which is in His image. He longs to invite us to bless Israel by rightly esteeming his chosen people. For Israel is about is Honour & His name. It is the Father’s heart to restore all that has been lost. Our purpose together as the ‘one new man’ Jew & Gentile is to be a dwelling where God by His Spirit lives.

And we are back to the point of life, community for & with God.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May you continue to grow in your love for our God.

Helen Goatley

*Translation used NIV.

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