In the hidden place

“In the hidden place
the cleft
the desert dune
a removed remoteness
a detox from a world ruled by the Prince of the Air.
Removed from the routines
the news
the noise.
In these hidden places
I stand alone
A single focus.
Removed from distraction
I quieten my beloveds.
Where I still the raging inner voices,
inner noises.
And I alone can do what I can do.
An undivided focus
An intent heart
Seeking, soaking in Me
In such places grow men & women of honor,
And grace.
In the hiddenness I grow the seeds planted
and nurture my truth,
My Word.
Building slowly, quietly
without fuss, without parades
My champions
My children
to become men
whole, complete in maturity
lacking nothing
striving for nothing
content in the nothing
but the fullness of the Rock.
Finding fullness not emptiness.
Finding Me
Jesus – Yeshua
The one who lives for the Father
The Father and I are one,
lacking nothing
astounding in an enormous and unending wholeness.

I, the one and only God
in all of My enormity
dwell in such places.
Darkness filling the chamber of My presence
and it is this glory
the Father’s glory
that is seen, tasted
In hiddeness
in the fertile soil of this underground
the comfort in the nook of the rock.
It is My power that is manifest in such out of the way, removed places.
My power
and your quiet reformation – transformation.
My spirit hovers
exists over
moving as a veil of grace and healing
over the ones hidden in the cleft of the Rock.
I impregnate
Knowledge known through revelation of Myself, My heart, My passions.
I restore My image
My mind
in the scattered places of the human soul
untwisting the carnage left by My enemy,
intent on the destruction of the image of God sculpted in man.
The ways of God confound this Prince,
It is foolishness to his wisdom..

But it is in the hiddenness
the most astounding, impressive work of God,
all powerful, all knowing,
takes place.
A place to embrace
long for
linger in
and yearn not to be from;
for it is His place
and where He is, is beautiful.
Transforming glory to glory.”