The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God

Impartation-The laying on of hands.

February 2nd, 2011

Today was a great day. As we were driving up to Sydney a week ago, I heard the Lord whisper to me that I should get a certain man (not a Pastor but a Dr) to pray for us to release financial breakthrough.
Later we met with this man but it hadn’t seemed right to ask at the time, then last night in a dream God said the same thing. ‘Ask this man to pray for you’. So today I did. He excitedly and happily obliged.
This afternoon as I was spending some time with God I believed that He said to me that a couple of one off gifts were on their way. Tonight a friend has just received notification that they have received an inheritance and then they gave us $1000. They also said that this was seed for the inheritance that God wants to release to us to see this ‘set apart property’ a space for Him.
We so need each other as believers to spur each other on but also to release to each other what we have received in Christ.
God is GOOD! Release and impart what you have received from Him.

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