Honor is everything in freedom

For quite some months now I have been drawn back & back to this theme of freedom & honor. In many ways I feel like I have been in God’s personal discipleship program as He has travelled me literally through countries like the USA & UK chatting to me endlessly about freedom & honor.

I have observed in my travels that where there is freedom & no honor, there is wildness & that is simply scary & uninviting. Likewise I have also seen ‘honor’ with no freedom & this is experienced as not only crushing but questionly if it is at all infact, honor.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. We are not only created for freedom, we are created for honor, to be esteemed & treated as a gift. Both the idea of being esteemed & seen as a gift lies in the word used for honor in the bible.

ds_picture.jpgDanny Silk puts some thoughts around this theme that are great to chew on. I submit this to you for not only your own journey with Father God, but if you are a parent or leader, for your journey in these areas also.

Culture of Honor Video