The Season of Holy Spirit – the fierce but gentle


We are in a season of Holy Spirit moving in a powerful way.

Psalm 139:23 says, ‘Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me, and know my anxieties.”

If the last few weeks have been extreme and intense, you’re not alone! Globally many have said this is how they’d describe the past weeks.

So what God is doing right now?

We are in a season of Holy Spirit moving in a powerful way. These are beautiful sweet seasons where we discover the fierce but gentle of the Holy Spirit. He is searching our hearts not to shame but for the encountering of a love so amazing, so delivering, so empowering.

Truth is a progressive thing. It is line upon line, precept on precept.

We know this to be true in our friendships with others. The truth of who they are unfolds over time as life, conversations and experiences we share together search them and us out.

Such is the season we are in right now.

In this season, Holy Spirit has been revealing and removing things that get in the way of love.

How we react to His correction is what He is looking at. He wants to trust us with more of Himself.

Pride, insecurity and selfish ambition are in the atmosphere, globally, and while these are experiences of our soul, they are also spirits. 

Leviathan is what Job called the King of pride. (Job 41) In this season, God is wanting to free and at the same time immunize his people against this spiritual principality.

Leviathan will influence you to act higher, better and more superior than others. It influences us to have a high-and-mighty attitude and to fight unusually hard to be right at the expense of others.

God resists the proud and exalts the humble. (James 4:6) His first exalting of the humble heart is to gift with a grace. He gives us a ‘grace for humility’. Humility is a sweet, sweet thing that feels so good, so freeing. Surprising to you?

Yes it feels so good when the tenderness and correction of the Holy Spirit pervades our heart. The tender heart has always been the landing place for the Holy Spirit.

And this is what the King of pride, Leviathan seeks for itself. It wants that landing place in our hearts and when he does this is what we become.

• Arrogance/haughtiness

• Self-centeredness

• Self-righteousness

• Resistant to God’s will

• A condescending/critical attitude toward others

• Bragging/self-promotion

• Unable to receive correction/instruction

• Inability to admit wrong or say “I’m sorry”

• Will make excuses/shift blame

• Will not take responsibility for their actions

• Makes comparisons with others

• Keeps secrets/lacks transparency

• Is an interrupter/controls conversations 

• Talks about themselves all the time

• Not a good listener

• Needs to be important

• Tries to be noticed

• Oversensitive

• Defensive

• Argumentative

• Harsh spirit

• Demands their way

• Refuses advice

(this list is from Debbie Berteau, “Back to the Altar”)

Jennifier Eivaz says, “When LEVIATHAN hooks🪝you, you will get offended thinking you are right about something and everyone else is wrong. Nobody can convince you otherwise. It’s a very haughty, mocking thing. We can’t fight pride with pride.”

Our prayer for us and you today is:

Father God where we have partnered with a spirit of pride, insecurity or self ambition, we break all agreement with them now in Jesus name. Please forgive us for allowing ourselves to come under the enemy’s realm and for partnering with him. Today we declare again, that we are children of obedience to your voice Jesus and we ask Holy Spirit for the grace of humility. We receive your correction. Would you cover us with humility and grow humility within us in Jesus name. Teach us how to be your friend Holy Spirit and receive your love.