His new wine is about to flow

Prophetic Word - May 2023

new wine

I saw the hand of God on a bottle of new season wine

His thumb under the cork about to push it out. 

With a warm smile on his face 

Expectant in delight 

He began to push the cork

With a pop both the cork and new wine were released. 

He turned the bottle revealing its label. 

On the label was the word sparkling. 


God is releasing now a new wine of His presence

Every new wine reveals another facet of his love and presence. Each time God visits into a moment of time, to a generation on the earth, a particular expression of His presence and of His power is revealed.

Sparkling is on His new wine. 


Sparkling is a wine of bubbles. There are bubbles of new joy, bubbles of unusual hope, bubbles of healing on whole new levels, watch especially for the raising of the dead. Bubbles of unexplained energy, bubbles of new direction. Bubbles of unimaginable sweet experiences of mercy, bubbles of repentance, bubbles of transformation – relationally, organizationally and within the family unit. 

You may feel some of these bubbles suddenly pop up and out within you, don’t constrain them, God is revealing more of His love for you and those around you. This is an encounter and revival with love in this new wine.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss pops of His new wine from others. It’s so easy to dismiss that which we don’t recognize or understand. Keep curious. Keep your heart on Him.

Watch for pops of His sparkling new wine.

It’s now being opened. 

“Suddenly, he transported me into his house of wine— he looked upon me with his unrelenting love divine.”

Song of Songs 2:4

How can I respond to this?

Holy Spirit I welcome and receive your new sparkling wine. Give me ears to hear and eyes to see you in this, to lean into your visit into my life, my world and those around me.

I want you, no matter how you come. I want to live again. I want to love you with my whole heart again as I did at first.