National Hellenistic Centre

A couple of weeks ago I was able to speak at a church in Melbourne that meets in the National Hellenistic Centre. I loovveed the opportunity to speak about God and how good He is and how He is the centre of the world, not us. I particularly loved being able to do this in that building, Australia’s National centre & library for Greek thinking and thought (ie man is the centre of the world).

There is a podcast of my message here.              8th Feb, 2009

There was an interesting spiritual battle during this time, during worship I was singing and praying in the spirit, really claiming the territory and the atmosphere, when all of a sudden I twisted my ancle and could hardly stand, I was able to pray through this, all of the pain left! Praise the Lord!

Later when I was to speak they couldn’t get my power point to work. The CD wouldn’t even load on their computer. I tried it later in another computer and it worked fine. 🙁
It was just another reminder of how the spiritual is as real if not more so that the physical world.

Pray with me would you please, that the Lord of the Harvest would indeed continue to send out more harvesters. Matt 9:38 Let us all play our part in this.