Gun Thankfulness


Prophetic Word - Gun Thankfulness

This week there is deep deep collab happening with our spirit and with the Holy Spirit. 

There is a dimension of intercession and contending together with Holy Spirit that is happening, especially at the night hours as God starts our day at night. This often precedes release or a holding in place of something God has already but recently established. 

When this happens unusual weariness and heaviness can be experienced, especially physically like you are dragging your feet. Can you relate to that experience?

This week the repeated whisper from heaven has been “Gun thankfulness” I saw as we released thankfulness and gratitude, a shaft of light was being dug out forming a tunnel so that a flow can happen for the thing God is bringing.

Thankfulness makes us appreciative and keeps us out of entitlement. 

Your collab with Holy Spirit is appreciated and powerful especially right now. 

 “And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks..” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

What Others Are Saying

“These past 6 days have been so encouraging. The daily devotional was answering questions I didn’t know that I needed to ask, and yet confirmed so much of what I already knew. It was in simple language, each word given in such a way that went deep into my spirit and they are still there, waking me up, encouraging me, lifting me up. Thank you Helen. Rich Blessings this is”

-P. Eliason | Nurse, Australia