God of ALL things

We have just moved back into our home in Melbourne. Yesterday I was working on our central heating system, we have been back in our home for a week and a half but the heating has not been working. I had tried to fix it but could not. I had called one repair guy every day for a week before giving up and booking another company that had a 15 day waiting list. The system has a lot of complex electronics and there was no sign of life, it wouldn’t even begin to start. Yesterday after reattaching the main outward vent to the front of the heater I then looked once again at the electronics to see if I could get the heater working. After checking every knob and wire, I asked God why I couldn’t get it to work? I believe the Lord said to me that there was a component broken and that was why the heater wouldn’t work. I then said “Well that isn’t a problem for you, you can fix it.” then I (me my thoughts) thought no these are complicated electronic components, then I said “God it doesn’t matter how complex it is, you can fix this part would you please fix this for us?” Then I felt to lay my hand on the heater and to say/proclaim —”The theft of our heat and warmth is to stop right now! Heater work again in Jesus name!” Then I grabbed the remote again and pressed the reset button, and the heater instantly started and whirred into life. It is now 24hrs later and the heater is working perfectly. Thanks God! and sorry for my unbelief, we need to trust you and call on you in ALL situations.