Get Ready for Deeper Intimacy with God

NOW IS THE TIME. Register in this Master Course and discover more of why you’re alive and the joy and freedom of deep connection with a good God!

Experiencing the Awe and Wonder of Intimacy with God will:

Equip you with a deeper understanding and experience of the power of intimacy with God. Intimacy with God is an encounter with His unbelievable goodness!

How do we keep the affection of our heart on God? Identify which ‘set’, bounded or centered, you are living from and creating in your culture. How do we keep the great enemies of intimacy, fear and performance out and grace in?

Identify the process, ‘rings of intimacy’, and what is required in the process of Intimacy with God.

Breakthrough into greater capacity to hear God and unlock further the spiritual gifts of Word of Knowledge, Prophecy and Discernment

Equip you with keys to practice consciousness and awareness of God’s presence. How to keep the Presence of God as the centre of your life and culture you lead

Refocus your own life purpose and refocus the culture that you are leading