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BLAH!!! That was how yesterday felt. Was it how it felt for you too?

Today I opened up to Daniel 7, and bla met me again! 

My eyes fell upon these words,

“He will speak words against the Most High God and wear down the saints of the Most High and he will intend to change the times and law” (Dan 7:25)

“.. and wear down the saints of the Most High”

“.. and wear down the saints of the Most High”

“.. and ‘bla’ down the saints of the Most High”

Yes literally the word bla is used here!  Bla, (Hebrew) to afflict, to wear down, used only in a mental sense.

You have an enemy if you love Jesus. His plan for your life is to bla you! To wear you down! To hurt you. To change the times and law. He is targeting your thinking! His bla is for your ultimate destruction. 

Yesterday I felt blah. It means boredom, lethargy and dissatisfaction. 

When you feel or think something, question it? When we discern something, it is a sensory process. 

What you feel, what you think is not always you! The Prince of the air (Eph 2:2) fills the atmosphere with his thoughts and plans.

Your Father in heaven has a plan for your life too! And His plan is about empowering you to shine, to freedom, to life! 

There is no victim mindset in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Every parent knows that without blah, kids don’t STRUGGLE in moving on to discovery. 

Without blah they will not find what to play next! 

Any creative or innovator knows that the blah moment is the most exciting moment. They are about to find the next great painting stroke and colour. The next significant step in the invention. 

Something new, something more is about to emerge...  And that’s the joy, the struggle of discovery. 

It’s the delight of play, the wrestle and rumble for something new that pushes children and creatives thru blah. 

Your Father in heaven is a good father!! He is with you. He is for you. He does not hate you. He does not foresake you. He has not left you alone. 

What you think about Him is what your enemy will target. Don’t confuse your experience or what the atmosphere is saying with your theology about your Father in Heaven. 

He has always been other. The cloud by day. The fire by night. 

Bla may be the plan your enemy has. But blah, your Father in Heaven values. He knows this is where your next emergence is! 

Stay in the moment and let the blah move you to Him! Allow it to create space for the presence of God. Choose who gets this blah moment. 

Don’t be afraid of the struggle, the rumble. He is with you.

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