The Flood is Beginning

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I was watching Bear Grylls the other night. He was climbing a deep ravene in Mexico. As he climbed near a river, he began to see evidence of a flood.
He paused and said something that caught my attention. He said, “The first sign of flash flooding coming down a river, is the ground shakes under your feet.”
As March begun, Iceland experienced an UNUSUAL 17,000 quakes in 2 weeks. It was almost a 24/7 shaking. 
Loyalty Islands near the east of Australia have been shaking for over a month with 5.0+ tremors almost hourly.
New Zealand experienced 8.1 magnitude earthquake last week that had the nation on a tsunami alert.
Russia, Greece, Fiji, Indonesia, Chile have been experiencing daily 4.6+ quakes in the last week.
The ground is literally shaking under our feet.
Jesus said, “If anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will never be thirsty again. For when you drink the water I give you, it becomes a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit, flooding you with endless life!” John 4:14
THERE IS A FLOOD OF HIS PRESENCE BEGINNING TO ERUPT AND IT WILL RESULT IN LIFE! His refreshing, reviving, transforming life will wash over you, to wash through you!
In every flood of His presence, we discover something new and wonderful about WHO HE REALLY IS. The outrageous goodness of God has been flooding us for the last 10 years.
What will this flood reveal of how amazing, how good, how gentle but how fierce is His love for us? He doesn’t come to punish, disappoint, or expose to condemn. This is not the way of love, is it the way of fear.
But we have also seen that in every flooding of His presence, the UNUSUAL is part of the flood. An unusual that can be missed, can be offended by, can be misunderstood, can be opted out of.
Isaiah says “The LORD will come as he did against the Philistines at Mount Perazim and against the Amorites at Gibeon. He will come to do a strange thing; he will come to do an unusual deed” (Isaiah 28:21)
When life comes, it can look very strange if dry bones, wildernesses and walls have been your visual. When life comes it can be uncomfortable and disruptive. The soil gets pushed up and pushed around when the seed punches through the surface of the earth.
The flood brings life, brings refreshment to the dry land. It comes when it comes. Our familiarity with death will be challenged. We don’t get to control the flood. You can count on the flood being disruptive but you can also count on it revealing the heart of God. It will set people free, catapult others into their God given destinies, expand others and manifest what no eye has seen nor ear heard, nor mind conceived!
So do you feel the ground shaking under your feet?  The flood is upon us.

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