Fire balls…Corroboree…New Song

imagesCA8ABUX4.jpg  The last 5 days I have been in a ‘walkabout’ with the Lord. It’s been a set apart, intentional time with Him. On day 3, suddenly for the first time in 3 months, the wind sprung up. During this day, the following picture I saw. Isaiah 5:26 is echoing in our day.. “He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar, And will whistle to them from the end of the earth, surely they shall come with speed, swiftly.”

“I saw dry wheat fields surrounded & littered with eucalyptus gum trees.
I saw people who looked like ghosts – white & pale.
They suddenly stepped out from behind the gum trees.
As I saw these people,
lots of them
I realized they were Australian Aboriginals painted with white paint on their faces & hands.
There were as many of them as trees & the boundary fence line was stacked with trees.
They stepped out & simply stood there.
They stepped out as if their name had been called.
Suddenly balls of fires from the heavens
shot down
hitting them in the chest.
After impact, I saw them immediately transformed.
They were hugely tall
like Afro-American basketball players.
They assumed the position of a dance as in a Corroboree.
They were wearing what is worn at such an event.
Their chant echoed
strongly across the plains.
I saw what seemed like sudden chaos in the heavens
As stars shot in all directions
clouds moved rapidly across the skies
coming together with a thunder clap & bolts of lightning.
A strong wind blew violently
& I saw ones in other nations who were at work in fields,
suddenly stop & turn as if hearing all this.
Right across the nations,
one by one they stopped,
Then one almighty lightning hit across the entire earth’s sky;
so that at one time
all could see it
Upon seeing it, they dropped what they held their hands & walked towards the east.
Suddenly they fell one by one
on their faces
lying prostrate on the ground.
A deep holiness consumed them.
They were so in awe of the beauty of His holiness,
they almost dare not breathe.
Under their bodies they felt the movement & vibrations of the earth that comes when a Corroboree dance is in action.
Their bodies vibrated with the rhythm & beat of the stamping of feet.
This vibration filled their inner being
& they rose
& walked
with a new song
& dance.
They exalted & hailed the coming of the KING.
They saw each other & joined hands
all around the world,
linking together the entire circumference of the earth’s globe.
Dancing, singing praise to the King of Kings.
Their song echoed in the universe
& in the depths of the earth’s crust.
Strong was their link to each other.
Long & loud was their song.”