Fatherhood tips

Fatherhood tips – Notes from a course I did years ago.

Your measurement is not how much quality or quantity time.
It is do they trust you, are you safe.
Respect their private world.
Only go there when you are invited.
When you are invited in don’t go and rearrange everthing. Don’t fix it. This is a time to listen.
Give your children the permission to fail.-Otherwise they may not attempt anything.
Be writing little encouraging, I love you notes. In lunchbox.
Give your child the opportunity to prove themselves.
guard your tone and toungue. Make sure you notice the level of excitement on their face. ie Don’t squash them.

Your childs greatest need is to be touched and held by Dad. Dads arms are security.
The message they need to receive is No matter what life brings, Dad will be there to hold them and to listen and to be there for them.