German fasting 2

I have discovered another fun traditional German fasting food. It is called ‘Maltashen’ and it is meat that is enclosed in a wrapping of pasta, the meat is also mixed with green spices so it doesn’t look like meat. So this is also traditionally eaten during fasting season.

So because you are not supposed to eat meat they hide it and then eat it anyway. Seems like an obvious result of enforcing LAW onto people, nothing much has changed, I think there is a similar result when things are enforced on people today.

What a pity that something so powerful and precious such as fasting is robbed by law and enforcing it onto people. Something that we can do to sacrifice or to ‘inflict ourselves’ wanting to draw close to God, warped by good meaning people enforcing this and stealing peoples choice to love God in this way.

Search me please God and show me if there is any way in which I am enforcing things onto people, even subtly I pray. That I would just feely love you and talk of your goodness inspiring others to freely choose to do the same.