Faith lives in Tension

Faith is learning to live in tension. Tension between what on surrounds us in the earthly realm and what is known in the other realm, God’s.

The rumble is about which realm gets our faith. At times they are so opposite, so contrary. This is the tension.

Where do we give our faith to? Today He says He is faithful.

The events and seasons in the earthly realm are a constant changing sea of unknowns, uncertainty.

He promises to be faithful. This is a word that is connected with constancy, certainty. Quite the opposite to the earthly realm especially right now.

Trust is built by meetings needs and speaking truth. His faithfulness is about meeting our need for constancy, certainty in the midst of whirlwinds.

He says He is faithful. This is truth. We will only know that by trusting Him. He is faithful. This is how He defines Himself. The experience of that is up to us.

Who will we give our faith to today? Embrace the tension and find out His faithfulness for yourself.

Join us in this declaration of faith..

What Others Are Saying

“These past 6 days have been so encouraging, the daily devotional was answering questions I didn’t know that I needed to ask, and confirming much of what I knew already. It was in simple language, each word given in a way that they went deep into my spirit and they still are there, waking me up, encouraging me, lifting me. Thank you.” 

– Pam, Health Care Advisor