Atmosphere of Faith 3


Last night I listened to a podcast from Bethel Church, it was from June 22. During his message, Bill Johnson took the time to endorse his personal friend Todd Bentley who is the main guy for the Florida outpouring. We had seen some of these revival meetings while we were in America on but hadn’t connected again since we had been back.

So I watched the June 23 Florida outpouring on the internet, it was a Commissioning and endoresment by Global leaders of Todd. What an immensely powerful event that was/is. God IS doing something new and fresh here. “Those who seek Me will find Me” said Jesus, we need to be hungry. Matt 7:7; Luke 11:9; John 6:27; Acts 17:27 Nations should seek Him. The Scriptures are full of examples telling us to seek, we must seek God, we need to be hungry for Him and chasing Him. This is how we live in an atmosphere of Faith. We have to want it and chase it. God isn’t going to overrun or overwhelm us. “Behold I stand at the door and knock”, Jesus says. It is there for us to grab and it is free. He IS knocking are you listening? If you hear are you willing to respond?

As I watched Todd on my hunger was stirred, my passion for God and the things of Him was reignited. I could literally feel the apathy dropping away. We must chase Him. Our lives need to be more about Him than us if we want to truly know intimacy. It just became so clear to me that no one can just sit back and think things will happen for them, we must push into and chase God He is eagerly awaiting us to pursue Him.

I want more of God and I know for that to happen I must pursue it and make it a goal of my life.

Lord I want you to be Lord, not me, not my life, but you.

One practical way I came across today to continue to build an atmosphere of faith was a Christian company installing satellite dishes Australia wide so that people can get the free Christian stations that are available via satellite including It is a one off cost of $500 installed or a rental setup so that you could have the latest God global happenings running constantly in your lounge room.This would build an atmosphere of faith. We gotta keep the good stuff coming in.