Seeing the face of God!

Just last week I was privileged to personally hear the following account of an individual’s encounter with God. I arrived at a set apart Tabernacle space and encountered a person there who was clearly moved and very deeply affected by something that had just happened. They proceeded to tell me what had just taken place.

They had received a vision from God where they were standing in Heaven before the throne of God. They were looking at Him from His left side, while He was seated on His throne. As this person was taking in the vision, suddenly God turned at looked right at them! They saw His whole face; cheek bones, eye sockets, chin, jaw line. This person was then struck physically with awe, almost shock. They told me they didn’t know if they were about to throw up or instantly die. They felt a dread as when all strength melts instantly away. This was GOD! As they were recounting the vision there were lots of pauses as the retelling was clearly powerfully reliving this moment. They said they could feel the blood draining from their face as they took in what was being seen.
They then saw the eyes of God. They were burning with fierce, roaring flames of fire. Their “power, passion, intensity, fierceness, consuming directness looking straight at them!” They looked right at me and said, “Mark it was so fierce, this was not Father God it was Elohim, Holy God!”
There was such powerful ‘Spirit’ on their words I was being physically affected by the telling of this account and the Spirit that was on them. I was deeply affected inside as I contemplated those eyes. The stark reality of God impacted me deeply, it was like I was fully aware of Him right then and there. All of a sudden every doubt or queried thought of God’s goodness, or willingness or ability to supply and do so abundantly and lovingly and generously just melted away. There was no doubt left within me about anything. There was just knowledge of God. It was a very powerful yet ‘dread’ feeling, I was overwhelmed! And just from an account.

This person was so overwhelmed and impacted by what they had seen they said they doubted they could stand. They looked drained and I would even say stunned as they sat and spoke, searching for words or expressions that would come even close to what had been encountered.
Later we followed what we believed to be the prompting of the Lord and went and did a Prophetic act to dispense some of this amazing deposit of God into the ground. This person was very impacted and ‘whacked’ by what God was doing as I was I just being in the vicinity.

Thank you God for your awesome revelation. That you are revealing more and more of yourself in these days.

For quite a few years I have been sharing a story or definition of revival it is:
Imagine a land where it is always cloudy, where there is always a thick layer of cloud both day and night. I can imagine this as when I was a missionary in St Petersburg Russia we went for quite a few months at one point without seeing the sun. This was because the clouds were just so thick and the sun was just a dull glow low on the horizon.
Anyway in this cloudy land there are lots of people who speculate what actually provides the light that they live by day by day.
One person says that the light comes from thousands of little lights that are spread all over the sky. Another says that it is just one light that actually is in the sky, and just glows during the day. Another wild suggestion was the their light came from a big ball of burning gas that never burnt out but kept burning all of the time and actually went under them at night returning each morning to the same place to travel over the sky each day!!!

Revival is not when through persuasive teaching or general acceptance someone’s theory is accepted. Revival is when God blows away the clouds and everybody looks up and says “There is the Son.”

God is blowing away the clouds and there is a greater revelation of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit being released on the Earth.
We are in exciting and wonderful times, our goal and aim needs to be that we keep our eyes firmly and solely fixed on Jesus as He is the Author and perfector of our Faith.(Heb 12:2) The revelation of God is increasing on the Earth and I want to do all that I can to be pursuing Him and to be finding Him just as He wants to be found and that is Holy and Pure and God.