Expect Progress


Isaiah prophesied centuries ago, “of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end.” (9:7) There has only been increase since those words were spoken. 

The revelation of God is increasing not decreasing, and we are about to see a whole new level of that!

Even now there are things we live with in God that we’re once thought rare or impossible. Believe it or not, things are moving forward. He is advancing.

Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12)

Since Jesus spoke these words, there is an obvious progression in the revelation of God for his people and an increase in His manifested presence and glory. 

Today globally an estimated 50,000 people become followers of Jesus EVERY DAY. 

Bible translation exploded through the pandemic and is accelerating like never before. It has been stated that “This is the first generation that can genuinely say the Word of God may be available in every language that needs it. The real finish line is not that far off!” (Resource: JoshuaProject)

There are creative miracles being seen in this time, of the likes not seen before. It has now become normal to hear about toes and fingers growing back before peoples eyes, internal organs suddenly becoming so restored they are like new. 

In 2021 McCrindle Research conducted a survey which found 70% of people believe that Christians “have had a positive impact on the charity sector while more than one in two believe Christians have had a positive impact on the local community and the education sector. 60% of people believe in miracles.1.

Raising the dead is not a miracle that has stayed with Jesus and his disciples. Across the Middle East and USA, people are being prayed for that have died in hospitals or road fatalities, and are being raised from the dead.

In fact on the north east coast of the USA, several local councils have teams of Christians on their first responders list to call when there is a fatality. The name the council’s call them is the “Raising the Dead Team.” 

On the west coast of the USA, over 400 people a week are being prayed for and healed of cancer, often final stage cancer.


We should and must expect progress.

What can I do?

Consider this prayer and keep praying it till you see an answer!

Lord Jesus open my eyes and my heart to your increase. Increase of your peace in my life, around my life and though my life. Remove any false lens that are distorting how I see you and what you ARE doing on the earth.

I bind every lie and deception in Jesus name that exalts itself against the truth that your kingdom is increasing.

Holy Spirit brood over us, over our regions and nations. Increase the revelation of yourself and reveal your glory in Jesus name! We want you! You are the hope of the nations. Come Holy Spirit, come!


  1. McCrindle Research, Australias Changing Spiritual Landscape, March 2021, https://mccrindle.com.au/article/blog/australias-changing-spiritual-landscape

President Roosevelt on Jan 6, 1941 said in his now famous State of the Union address, the following words, “I have hope for a future that would encompass the 4 essential human freedoms, which includes the freedom from fear.”

His words echo in the hearts of a growing number globally. People are getting tired of feeling afraid and being told who they should be afraid of. People want to take back their lives and refuse to be directed by fear.

What Others Are Saying

“This training is one of the most significant marker moments in my life and leadership. This will empower our culture to much more effectiveness and will change how people experience us and what we do here.”

R.THORPE | Youth With A Mission, Canberra, Australia

“Unpacking the ideas in this course is dynamite! As a result of this course I have made a life decision to come out of my little hidy corner and face up to vulnerability courageously. To not give into fear anymore. This has been tremendously insightful for me. It was a treat indeed! Extremely amazing, insightful, encouraging and so gentle Helen’s teaching. His presence plus food for the soul and mind. Thank you Helen.”

L. POWER | Teacher, Australia