Exactly what I was thinking.

A week ago I received a link for a novel that is a free download of the internet. So you don’t want to go to church anymore, the Jake Colson story. I loved reading the book and I believe God showed me why some things could have happened to us as they did. As I read the book I kept thinking, “This is great it is just the stuff I have been wanting to say.” I do recommend the book to everyone who is chasing after God and just seeking intimacy with Him. Like unfortunatly some of the new wine things do, it carries a bit of negativity and hurt to the church. This is sad as the church (the people) is Gods bride. But that aside it does show very well some of the systems that are in place in churches that have no place being there.

Then just now I have read an article, again an online .PDF. It is similar, just better, more wisdom, and much shorter! It is  an interview  of a guy George Warnock, who was apart of the “Later Rain” first outpourings of the Holy Spirit in 1948 in Canada. How arrogant we have been, talking about the ‘NEW Thing’ that God is doing. New to us yes, but not new. What this guy has  said so well describes what we feel God is inviting us into. Please have a read, of both if you have the time and be blessed as you see it really IS ALL ABOUT HIM.