Emotions are needs wanting to be met

Emotions have been given a bad rap. We are taught to reject them, shut them down, deny them, mock them or believe that what we feel is what we are.

We hold so many myths and unreasoned beliefs about emotions. Yet God gave us emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the biggest qualities employers, especially in times like pandemics, are looking for. EI is now considered one of the leading fields of business and leadership development.

God is all over this too!! So today, try something new. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling and what is it that I need?

For example, you might be feeling hungry as you work from home. Is it because you haven’t had breakfast yet or is it because you are bored or anxious?

There are two needs there. If you’ve had breakfast, great! That meets your body’s need for food.

If it’s because your bored or feeling anxious, ask Holy Spirit why am I feeling this today? Trust his ability to answer you over deceptions ability to answer you.

If your bored or anxious maybe you need to try something new? Maybe you need to upgrade your keys for breakthrough with anxiety? Maybe you just simply need to ring a friend and say hi?

Whatever the emotion, there is a need wanting to be met.

Want more?

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