Directional ‘Suddenlies’ – shifts & change everywhere

Just recieved this today from our spiritual parents & mentors in Israel. This articulates everything both Mark & I have been hearing from the Lord for some months now, but especially in these last weeks. Sometimes others say things better than we can! Patrica King is an apostolic missionary in Africa. We will do well if we listen to the apostles! They are intentionally listed first in God’s government as they are concerned with heaven’s blueprint & preparing the way for the presence of God to come. A download is available of the full prophetic word at

Prophetic Word from Patricia King…

“I have had a recurring prophetic sense for the last number of months of the Body going to significant new levels of Kingdom revelation, operations, and expansion. I see many standing on the threshold of exciting new adventures of faith.

Directional ‘Suddenlies’ will Occur in Many Lives.

I see winds of change blowing and drawing Believers in an upward draft to new levels of encounters in God. I see shifts and changes everywhere. Some will abruptly change their professions and directions in life. Directional ‘suddenlies’ will occur in many lives.

This is a time where many will experience an emptiness of vision and enthusiasm for where they have walked during the past number of years. Many will discover what used to bring fruitful results is now unproductive. What used to bring joy is now dull.

For some, it will look like everything that was secure is collapsing. In some ways, it will seem like the shift is taking place overnight and without previous warning. The reason for this is because the Lord is bringing His people to new levels quickly.

It is important to walk close to God at this time. We cannot lean to our own understanding, but in all our ways we need to acknowledge Him. We need to be willing to make any sacrifice and to follow Him wherever and however He leads. He is raising up a people who do not have the hooks of the world or its treasures in their hearts, but He alone is their treasure.

What I see is a major historical shift for the Church. We are now at the threshold. Some have already crossed over while others are standing and waiting for clear direction. Others will follow later. It is a new day. The winds of change are blowing. The Spirit has truly invited all Believers to the next level.

The next level will include a greater focus on Kingdom perspective and greater death to self. The invisible realm will become more visible. Kingdom ambassadorial authority in the earth through the Church will increase in operation. In addition to accelerated power displays of the works of God, the release of Kingdom authority in and through the Church will also increase.
Angelic encounters and revelatory experiences will increase. Wisdom and counsel will increase. Increase, increase, increase. The Lord says, ‘It is a time of increase, great increase.’ It is time to prepare our hearts for this new level. We must have yielded hearts…very yielded…to HIM!”