Culture is Everything


We all have culture. 

We are all products of a wider culture. 

Every family, every faith community, every business, every nation has a culture. 

It’s the difference between French food and American food. It’s what makes a city like Berlin unique from Hong Kong. 


We are witnessing some of the most dramatic changes in over 70 years. These changes are foundational changes and they are cultural. 

Culture is changing.

In timing with this, God is unlocking the LEADER in His people and He is unlocking more of why we’re alive right now on the timeline of humanity.

Whether we have been told or not, believe it or not, even want it or not, we are leaders!

By natural default, the moment we said yes to Jesus, we entered a different culture and found a different way to live. We became carriers of His Presence and another option for this world.

We became cultural architects.


When the US overthrew Saddam Hussein in Iraq it took just 37 days and they declared victory from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. But it took years and many more soldiers trying to establish democracy in a country that had known only tyranny for hundreds of years.

They discovered that displacing an evil dictator is not nearly as difficult as replacing him.

In Afghanistan, they were loosing the war, until they activated a special Op’s mission called Team Lioness. Team Lioness was made up of Female US Marines.

They went into Afghanistan offering medical help, food nutrition and education and clothing to the women and children.

What they learned was that culture is set by women, by mothers. Mothers determine what happens in the home, how it’s ran, what is eaten, how it all flows. 


When the Special Op’s got to the women, they got to the culture and could reset it. As soon as they enacted this mission, the advance on Afghanistan was successful.

When you set culture, you win the war. 

The Greek, Roman, British and American Empires echo through human history because they did more than simply win wars, they won culture. We are the products of their cultural conquests.

Cultural architects transform culture and culture transforms nations. 

Culture is everything.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. ” Matt 28:19-20 

Cultural architects make disciples. We are watching this happen before our very eyes. We either be a disciple of our age or a disciple of Jesus. God has called us to be cultural architects that bring His culture of heaven to earth.

Culture is changing.

We either be shaped by it unconsciously and become a product of it, or we be part of shaping it. 

Shape or be shaped, that’s our moment.

Culture is everything.

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