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February 4th, 2011


This is a monumental time right now! In Sydney Australia, they had hottest week on record. Cyclone Yasi has just hit northern Australia. From the top of eastern Australia to the very south east, every state remains on flood alert after unprecedented rains.

We are all part of an unfolding supernatural phenomenon.

Yesterday morning at 1:30 AM the Australian media’s headlines were “CROSSING OVER”. At this moment Cyclone Yasi crossed over onto Australian soil.

What was declared in natural has been for the past few months now, declared in the realm of the Spirit.

Today, we persevere in our personal prophetic story that begun in earnest 7 months ago now. The chapter we participate in today has us with no home of our own here yet, & no place for a waterhole/ presence place where the nations can come sit by to soak, love & adore HIM, the God of this epic time.

I submit to you an email sharing what the nations are seeing from their stand point as the story is walked out with the one who is the pioneer & perfecter of our faith, Jesus! I share with one purpose that you may be encouraged if your unfolding story today feels very epic for you.

In January 2007 the Lord began speaking to me about Him bringing His church through a great crossing over into her full inheritance (destiny, fullness of her calling) on a global scale in a number of respects.

There are two distinct things He said to me regarding the position/state of Israel just before and during their actual crossing over at the Red Sea & the river Jordan.  For one, He focused me on His bringing of Israel to a place where they had nothing of themselves at all but total dependence upon Him.

This happened right before He brought them across into their full inheritance. They literally had nothing but Him. It wasn’t of their strength, ability, agility, wealth, resources, wisdom, strategy, etc. They had HIM and a few promises.  This truth about their state of being before crossing over was highly visible to all peoples & nations around them who were watching their journey.  That was by Divine design, of course, because what He was about to do (and did) for them all would see was Him. This bringing Him great glory & showing Himself to be the One true God! 

You have been brought to such a place, beloved friends – you have nothing of yourself but Him and a few promises . . . and others can see your journey.  He spoke how it was only by faith & a supernatural act they could in actuality cross over, something needed to happen that was beyond what man could do in every way (the river drying up). 

Again, you have been brought to such a place.  These were two very key points the Holy Spirit brought to my attention for what He was going to do for those in His Body & church that were willing to go the distance with Him. Mr. & Mrs Goatley, it was a “remnant” few the Lord impressed upon me whom He would bring over first out of His global church body.

Finally, I see prophetically Peter out of the boat walking on the water. Peter only made it so far, He’s looking for those who will come all the way to Him on the water which cannot be done by anything . . . anything . . . of this world!  And, that is going to require exactly our eyes on Jesus. Peter began sinking only when taking his eyes off Jesus and peering into the storm, wind, waves, water, circumstances of his situation/position out on the water. Then . . . and ONLY then . . . did he begin to sink, or wobble.”

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