Courage.. Resilience.. Not projection!

“We need more people who are willing to demonstrate what it looks like to risk and endure failure, disappointment and regret – people willing to feel their own hurt instead of working it out on other people.

People willing to own their stories, live their values and keep showing up. We need these folks leading, modelling and shaping culture in every capacity.”

Dr Brene Brown

I believe we are in a season of honor resilience right now. In other words this season is an invitation to honor people.

Right now the atmosphere is full of projection.

The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines projection as the externalisation of blame, guilt or responsibility as a defence against anxiety.

We are living today in an atmosphere of high anxiety as change after change accelerates upon us.

Instead of finding the joy of vulnerability and honouring the value of another human being, projection off-loads our discomfort, pain and responsibility onto others.

It is a way of painting another of the very thing we are wrestling with.

Courage stands tall and says I am not afraid to own my story, my vulnerability, my humanness, my honor.

HONOR brings the truth of who I AM to you. Vulnerability is the way that truth is transferred.

Projection is also defined as the act of throwing or thrusting. How often do we all do that? “I’m uncomfortable. I’m stressed. I’m tired, so you are at fault because… and therefore you must….”

Instead vulnerability which is risk, emotional exposure says, “I’m feeling stressed and tired and having a challenge managing my work load, season, I need…”

This is courage. This is leadership .

This is honouring yourself and honouring others around you. This is the dignity of the human spirit.

I bless you with courage today! Research has conclusively found that the ultimate measure of courage is vulnerability. It’s a practice!

God bless you as you practice courage and honor today! This is truely who you are!